Domain and Hosting Terms

The domain and hosting services are provided by third party companies with whom the Taskking Technologies doesn't have any affiliation or partnership. Taskking Technologies provides this service on request of the customers. We are not liable if any problem occurred related to the server, hosting, or domain. It is advised to the client that please contact with the respective company for any kind of assistance. This being said Taskking Technologies will help all the way to communicate with the company.

Taskking Technologies, provides all types of support regarding the web hosting that is provided by us. We are not bound to provide support on third-party's web hosting server which is completely out of our reach and authority, as same as it applies for the domain as well. Our concerned server team can suggest or assist to the client with the information but not bound to communicate with the domain's provider. Except this, if any client asks for help or assistance in this regard, we do apply a nominal charge for the time and effort is given, though there is no guarantee of completion of the task, if any issue persist in the domain's or server's panel which is provided by the third-party, but yet we try to do the required things which is not assured.
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